SS16 Accessories Updates


Disappointing as the weather has been this summer, there are some things that the season can’t deny us.

For one thing, this year’s Olympics can’t be rained off by irritating British drizzle –  they’re in Rio after all! For another, the Spring/Summer 2016 shows totally have our backs. Unlike eye-wateringly short skirts and off-the-shoulder blouses, the precision of accessories that the designers showed last September are pièces des resistances that can be employed whatever the weather decides to do.

Below are my five favourite updates.

Knot My Problem


From left to right: Tod’s, Zoe Jordan Topshop Unique

Belting came in multiple intricate and exciting materials and shapes this season – even rope was on the cards. Though different in every conceivable way, this theme did have one thing in common: a knotted finish. Loop your belt into a bow or tuck the end through the loop for an intriguing update.

 Sock it to Me


From left to right: Duro Olowu, Sibling, Sonia by Sonia Rykiel

It’s been a very long time since ruddy-faced holidaymakers with beer bellies monopolised the socks/sandal combo. This season, wear yours with your favourite pair of heels – and don’t shy away from glitter, stripes or sheer!

Ribbon Rebellion


From left to right: Erdem, Osman, Gucci

Perhaps the cheapest and easiest accessory update of the season comes in the form of a (preferably black) length of  ribbon. Pick up a piece from your nearest Paperchase and tie it at your neck for a Gucci-esque geek-chic re-invigoration of your look.

Sneaker Freak


From left to right: Le Kilt, Joseph, Ashish

Fashion’s comfort revolution continues. Jump on the bandwagon with the kind of ease a pair of stilettos just couldn’t give you and grab a pair for yourself. A clean white pair may seem impractical, but they go with absolutely everything – much like their beat-up cousin, the Converse. Elsewhere, wacky one-offs like these Ashish shoes are blazing a trail: fashionistas apply within.

Neck of the Woods


From left to right: Daks, Christian Dior, Anya Hindmarch

Favourite of Air Hostesses worldwide, the neckerchief has re-emerged in a big way for summer. Choose a diaphanous scarf in silk or sheer and go wild with print and colour, then throw caution to the wind, knotting it any which way. Also great for wearing on your wrist, ankle or in your hair.

Things Thelma and Louise Gave Us


I did not reach peak-feminist until I watched Thelma and Louise.

I didn’t realise how vilified, abused and maligned we women were, or how watching us fight back could feel like a rallying cry. I was twenty when I first considered the question: would you shoot your best friend’s would-be rapist?

On a lighter note, I didn’t know how brilliant a plaid shirt could be or how poignant a polaroid. I didn’t – even though I had watched Oceans Eleven enough times to recite the script – appreciate the transcendental, life-affirming beauty of Brad Pitt.

It had not occurred to me that I could respond to cat calls with anything other than a bowed head and a quickened step. All of these things I had not known. But suddenly there was Thelma. And there was Louise.

Now, on the 25th anniversary of the ultimate road movie’s release, I have a look at the things it has given us.

Let’s not get caught.

The confidence to rock mom jeans

Geena Davis and Susan Sarandon undergo one of the most profound character developments in cinematic history: their clothes tracking their way from stilted suburbia to the precipice of the world. All lipstick and head scarves in the beginning, it’s biker tank tops and mom jeans by the conclusion.  Who knew men’s clothes could be so wearable on women? Who knew that I needed an oversized denim shirt. So. Badly.


Brad Pitt

Brad Pitt under a white, wide-brimmed Stetson. Brad Pitt topless and toting a hairdryer. Brad Pitt giving Thelma her first real lay. Brad Pitt – actual irl Brad Pitt – putting Geena Davis off her lines because he was just so retina-burningly beautiful. Thelma and Louise was Brad Pitt’s first big break and for that, I am thankful.


Ammunition to chuck at cat-callers

I sat and cheered when the trucker scene unfurled before me in all its glory. “We think you have really bad manners” and “we think you should apologise” becoming a sacred mantra to be repeated when (and it really is when and not if) the cat calls start up. It’s the “we” that’s most winning about this scenario: the idea that women collectively reject this kind of treatment.


It was usually men who took themselves away, chasing the horizon in a beat up Mustang. It was always Jack Kerouac in rustic denim or a dirty-soled, dirty-souled runaway urchin. But what if it isn’t always men? What if it was women? This is a movie that did that, imbuing a million women with the urge to get chasing.


Sisterhood goals

I was one of those silly girls who thought that I just ‘got on better’ with guys. From being very young, it was boys that I hung out with as I believed those awful aspersions cast about girls being too much drama. Wrong, wrong, wrong. Now I’m older and (marginally) wiser, I know that there is nothing but nothing stronger than the bond between two women. I’d sell my soul to run away together with a handful of gorgeous women. Romy; Emma; Shannon, I’m looking at you.


A new way to talk about sexism

By framing the plight of Thelma and Louise within an actual police hunt, the injustices faced by women on an everyday basis are magnified in such a way that they simply can’t be ignored. The misdoings and misdemeanours of blokes literally drive these women to the edge of a cliff, offering a perfect piece of filmography to represent the lengths women must go to escape tyranny.


A good old cry

I double dog dare you to watch this and not cry.