The Hale Grill Reviewed


I’ve been going to the Hale Grill for years. I’ve been so many times that I could have written this before I actually went for the review. That means that what I’m about to write will read like any other piece I would have written after any other experience at the Grill.

With that in mind, let’s talk about steak.


There aren’’t that many places that I’m happy to order a steak at. I normally go for a burger because, let’s be honest, it’s pretty hard to screw that up. Steak on the other hand, is a fine thing that can go so horribly wrong. I always order it at Gaucho Grill, at Shula’s Steakhouse and at The Hale Grill…

The fillet is my favourite cut because although it is smaller, it is just undeniably the most delicious and tender. On review evening, it was my lucky night: there was a special British beef on offer and I didn’t really have to think about having anything else, even when three burgers wafted past to the next table.


I wasn’t disappointed, obviously. This steak came from the British Short Horn Cow; a rare breed that isn’t often available here or indeed anywhere else. I ordered mine medium-rare, and honestly I don’t think it should be done any other way. The meat was so succulent beneath its very slightly browned surface, and I guzzled it down with barely any peppercorn sauce (though I was offered a boat’s worth.)

With a choice of jacket potato or chips, I went for the obvious choice and was not disappointed. These are the chips I really like: uneven and still with the skin on, they have that homemade feel without any of the burnt oven gloves.

Simon also plumped for a special dish: a chicken ‘supreme’ filled with feta, wrapped in pancetta and dressed in an amazing sauce which you wouldn’t ever guess was asparagus! Although I was fit to burst with my beautiful marbled steak, chips and a little ramekin of spinach (that wasn’t actually available but that they whipped up for me anyway) I had a taste of his and it was fantastic. Simon absolutely loved it too. I barely had a chance to have a try it was gone that fast…


We washed it all down with my absolute favourite cocktail from the Hale Grill: the sloe gin crush. Much like Simon with his food, my cocktails were gone before you could say “I’ll just have one.” Then, inexplicably, we sampled the chocolate fudge cake (as we are wont to do everywhere.)

The opinion was unanimous: everything was fantastic. Highly recommended. But you knew that already.





Wearable Fashion Month • NYFW A/W15

UntitledBCBG Max Azria  •  Coach  •  Creatures of the Wind  •  Frame Denim  •  Hellessy  •  Isa Arfen 

It’s that time of year again; fashion month time. For the last year I’ve made it a mission of mine to show people who aren’t so sure about the point of the biannual shows that high fashion can be for everyone. If there is even one kernel inside you that harbours a desire to look good, then fashion month is for you. The stuff that shows up on these catwalks will, like it or not, turn up in high street stores within a few months. I understand that fashion can look scary (especially when it’s in its rawest, most artistic, concentrated form) but it isn’t. Here are a plethora of looks from New York Fashion Week that prove it! LFW, MFW and PFW posts coming your way soon too…


 Kaelen  •  Katie Ermilio  •  Marissa Webb  •  Michael Kors  •  Rebecca Minkoff  •  Sally LaPointe

Untitled2See by Chloe  •  Tess Giberson  •  Tomas Maier  •  Trademark  •  Trina Turk  •  Michael Kors