Estrons anticipate upcoming album with new single Strobe Lights.

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Back in February, Tali Källström of Estrons told NME that she would call her music project “a heavy pop band.” If we are to run with this self-appointed genre, then in brand new single Strobe Lights, pop has gained some serious tonnage.

Barrelling straight into it’s fuzzed-up guitar and frenetic cymbal action, Strobe Lights, which was released today on Gofod Records, takes no prisoners. As Tali’s melodic tirade meets the garage-like distortion, the title of this particular single becomes clear: it’s hard not to conjure the mania of a mosh pit awash with the peculiar stop motion lighting effect of strobe.

The Welsh four piece tame the beast of inner rage in impressive style; in the refrain’s ‘make me lose my mind’, the crush of the cymbals become ordered, a hit for every syllable.

Estrons’ ‘She’s Here Now’ EP set the precedent for whiplash-quick rock sprints with all three tracks coming in at under 3 minutes. Strobe Lights is no different; at just 2 minutes 35 seconds, the track is a thrashing race that ends as abruptly as it begins.

Armed with the tempo of Belfast and the repetition that works so well in I’m Not Your Girl and Make a Man, this is Estrons powered by jet fuel.

With a track record of lyrics that challenge gender conformity, we would have loved some more biting social observation à la I’m Not Your Girl (“I only called him up ‘cause I was drunk and low on self-esteem”). That same pissed-off delivery however, so wonderful seen live, remains intact.

For the frenzied, mosh pit-happy Estrons crowd (which, thanks to supporting slots with Honeyblood and The Amazons, is ever-growing) Strobe Lights will no doubt be a perfect piece of post-punk punch.  Furious. Loud. Fast. Pop at its heaviest.


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