Wearable Fashion Month • LFW A/W15

3Temperley London  •  Pringle of Scotland  •  Topshop Unique  •  Topshop Unique  •  Giles  •  McQ Alexander McQueen

The London shows are by far the hardest in which to find ‘wearable’ catwalk looks; the kind of catwalk look that could see the model walk off the end of the runway and straight into the public eye without appearing as if they had stepped out of an art exhibition. This is because London fashion is (notoriously) haphazard; what Americans like to call ‘eclectic.’ Designers who show in London tend towards the abstract and conceptual rather than the impeccably styled.

Just by looking at the kind of looks that London send down the catwalk, you can tell it is the youngest of the Big Four cities to show; that it is more excitable, vivacious, raw. This is all very exciting, and a fantastic thing to get patriotic about, but it just doesn’t produce the kind of outfit that you might be looking for daily inspiration from. I managed to find some though, and they are pictured here in all of their wearable glory. Not a crude St George’s flag face painting or bad wig in sight.

2Emilio de la Morena  •  Erdem  •  Holly Fulton  •  Matthew Williamson  •  Jonathon Saunders  •  Michael van der Ham

UntitledAntonio Beradi  •  Ashley Williams  •  Barbara Casasola  •  Burberry Prorsum  •  David Koma  •  Emilia Wickstead 


The Hale Grill Reviewed


I’ve been going to the Hale Grill for years. I’ve been so many times that I could have written this before I actually went for the review. That means that what I’m about to write will read like any other piece I would have written after any other experience at the Grill.

With that in mind, let’s talk about steak.


There aren’’t that many places that I’m happy to order a steak at. I normally go for a burger because, let’s be honest, it’s pretty hard to screw that up. Steak on the other hand, is a fine thing that can go so horribly wrong. I always order it at Gaucho Grill, at Shula’s Steakhouse and at The Hale Grill…

The fillet is my favourite cut because although it is smaller, it is just undeniably the most delicious and tender. On review evening, it was my lucky night: there was a special British beef on offer and I didn’t really have to think about having anything else, even when three burgers wafted past to the next table.


I wasn’t disappointed, obviously. This steak came from the British Short Horn Cow; a rare breed that isn’t often available here or indeed anywhere else. I ordered mine medium-rare, and honestly I don’t think it should be done any other way. The meat was so succulent beneath its very slightly browned surface, and I guzzled it down with barely any peppercorn sauce (though I was offered a boat’s worth.)

With a choice of jacket potato or chips, I went for the obvious choice and was not disappointed. These are the chips I really like: uneven and still with the skin on, they have that homemade feel without any of the burnt oven gloves.

Simon also plumped for a special dish: a chicken ‘supreme’ filled with feta, wrapped in pancetta and dressed in an amazing sauce which you wouldn’t ever guess was asparagus! Although I was fit to burst with my beautiful marbled steak, chips and a little ramekin of spinach (that wasn’t actually available but that they whipped up for me anyway) I had a taste of his and it was fantastic. Simon absolutely loved it too. I barely had a chance to have a try it was gone that fast…


We washed it all down with my absolute favourite cocktail from the Hale Grill: the sloe gin crush. Much like Simon with his food, my cocktails were gone before you could say “I’ll just have one.” Then, inexplicably, we sampled the chocolate fudge cake (as we are wont to do everywhere.)

The opinion was unanimous: everything was fantastic. Highly recommended. But you knew that already.