Saint Laurent Paris Inspired


Hat and shirt – old  •  Bow (sold out), Shoes and Bag – ASOS  •  Blazer and Jeans – Zara (both sold out)

The SS13 Ready-to-Wear collection by Hedi Slimane for Saint Laurent Paris is my all-time favourite show. I was in first year of university when Slimane sent his army of rock stars down the runway, and the silhouette burned itself onto my mind as my ideal. I imagined myself swanning around in wide-brimmed hats and the classic tuxedo suit at a party while all the other women wore the standard little black dress. Of course, the wide-brimmed hat situation is seriously difficult to pull off considering that we don’t live in a vacuum and any slight of gust of wind unseats your perfectly placed accessory. The outfit here is one of the most versatile  - and my favourite –  versions of the collection. I tried jeans instead of suit pants to make the look a little less uptight, but went with the standard pointy black shoe, fedora, suit jacket and pussybow elsewhere.

ps. how great is this ASOS dupe of the Saint Laurent Monogramme bag!?



The One Line A Day Memory Book


I have had many diaries throughout my short life. I remember having one with Eeyore on it in which I wrote about whether him giving me a lick of his ice-cream meant he liked me or not (it doesn’t, just FYI.) I had one with a lock and key which did the opposite of what it intended; the very existence of a lock and key made the book merely become more intriguing to the nosy outsider, and let’s be honest, it wasn’t exactly Fort Knox.

More recently in my Sixth Form and University years, I’ve attempted to keep the tradition going with big, beautifully coloured pads from Paperchase. One mighty and orange, the other unlined and purple, these two books are filled with poems, sketches, short stories and the like. What they don’t tend to contain however, are details of what I’ve actually been doing in my life.

In many ways, my own life is a bit of a mystery to me. I have no capacity for short-term memory. I struggle to tell you what I did yesterday, and if I was ever asked for an alibi by the Police, I am genuinely certain that I’d be locked up for my inability to provide one.

That’s where this little book comes in. This is my desperately chic turquoise and gold leaf ‘One Line A Day’ memory book from Chronicle. I found this in Waterstones on one of my many sweaty trips into town for Christmas presents, and I picked it up for my step-mum. It certainly does make a magnificent present with its Pinterest-worthy aesthetic and dreamy purpose, but the fact is that I just couldn’t bear to give it away. So I bought another one.

This little thing is the only diary I have been able to consistently keep for twenty-four entire days in a row. There are a mere five lines per date in which I can fill in what I did, which is not only great for days when all I’ve done is do yoga and watch old Essie Button YouTube videos, but is also unthreateningly easy to fill.

I’m actually excited to get around to 2016 so that each day I can cross-reference what I did on that particular date in the past. For once, I will be able to remember what I did just twenty-four hours before without having to trawl through my own Twitter (this actually happened). Plus, if I’m ever accused of a heinous crime, my alibi will be readily available.