Harry Blouse – Archive by Alexa for Marks & Spencer   •  Mom Jeans and Boots – Both ASOS    

It’s not always grim down south. Sometimes, working in London has its perks. Case in point: yesterday morning I hot-footed it exactly 100m to my nearest (monstrously large) M&S. There, I was able to get an eyeful of the highly-coveted #ARCHIVEBYALEXA collection. My colleague and I went at 9am to find a deserted shop floor and thirteen pieces of the collection to peruse at leisure.

Delighted by my new-found primacy of location, I came away with the Harry blouse: a white version of the ballet pink one that Chung herself wore in promotional imagery.

I would have bought more, too…but flexibility of budget is what lets the south down.

Shot on an iPhone 6 by the lovely Camille Delattre


Say Something

Wolf In The City - Photo by CK Goldiing 0036

Jumper –  Rad •  Trousers – ASOS (similar) •  Sunglasses – Vulgar Sheffield

I like clothes that say stuff. And by that I mean clothes that feature actual words in their design. I don’t mean in the general sense of the phrase, because – like it or not – everything you wear says something.

For example, when I choose my biker jacket, I’m saying: “Life has seriously fucked me up and I am wearing this jacket to overcompensate for a nonchalant bravery I don’t feel.”

A million other moods make up the outfits that stalk up and down the streets every day – and that’s what makes fashion so interesting.

But what if you don’t want your thoughts translated in the vaguest of languages that only a fair few care to learn? Well, you buy a slogan jumper, of course.


A slogan jumper (or tee) is fashion undiluted; it is loud and it is forward. The slogan jumper is the sartorial equivalent of approaching people on the Tube to tell them your favourite cheese.

This beautiful jumper from Slogan-City Rad offers a little light relief from the crude and/or angsty alternatives I have in my wardrobe. Plus, it says exactly what I want to say without any subtlety whatsoever.

“I Met God, She’s Black.”

A political statement of paramount importance, and one that – unless I were to hand out flyers –  has a medium no more public than a shouty sweatshirt.

Wolf In The City - Photo by CK Goldiing 0037Wolf In The City - Photo by CK Goldiing 0029Wolf In The City - Photo by CK Goldiing 0034Wolf In The City - Photo by CK Goldiing 0032Shot by CK Goldiing