What I Can’t Wait To Wear This Autumn

Hi lovers! I did a video at last! I can’t wait to get back into it, and I’m waiting on a delivery of a proper tripod so I can do you guys some proper ‘Lookbook’ videos and ‘What I Wore This Week’s.

My next video will be a bit of a ‘Fifty Things About Me’ tag before I launch back into proper fashion videos when I return to university in September.

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Emergency Study Break With Nasty Gal

 Dear Sad Library Person,

I know how it is. You’re probably on your fifth cookie of the hour, perhaps day dreaming about what Ryan Gosling looks like in the shower, and definitely not doing anything that will distance you from the pit of a third class degree. I know what you need, and because I’m not a particularly good influence, it isn’t an academic tutor.

Nah. What you need is some retail therapy. Say hi to Nasty Gal, your guilty study break and one way ticket to being all Coachella as soon as your exams end.

Yours Mischievously,

Wolf in the City x


1. Shoe Cult Collection Caught Up Leather Pump | here

There’s a lot you can do with these shoes, and though none of them involve walking, functions do include breaking boys’ hearts.

2. Shoe Cult Anticipate Platform | here

I don’t know what this shoe is anticipating, but I’ll wager that it’s a trip to A&E with a twisted ankle. In other words, these are for platform veterans only.


From Left:

1. Poison Arrow Skirt | here

The Aztecs called, and they want their pattern back. But it’s tough because 2014 has it, and we’ve covered it in sequins.

2. Fall For Me Top | here

Let me tell you a secret about fashion: if it’s broke, fix it with a grey tee. I’m serious. Grey T-shirts are the salt of the style world.

3. Falling Lilies Maxi Dress | here

This dress looks like Courtney Love was sick all over it. Excellent.

4. Ella Maxi Dress | here

I don’t know who Ella is but she’s probably that girl that looks seriously great in every lecture ever – even if it’s a 9am. I suggest you take a leaf out of her style book rather than shooting her useless evils over your copy of Essential Law For Journalists.


Clockwise from top left:

1. It’s Clear To See Bag | here

There’s one rule when it comes to perspex bags, and it’s that your belongings all have to look aesthetically pleasing. That means no tampons or eight-year old lint. You need an iPhone sans case, a pretty purse, and some cigarettes if you’re naughty.

2. Back in the Day Clutch | here

In 1993, I was born. If you weren’t, then it was also the year that Kim Cambell became the first ever female PM of Canada. In summary, it was a good year.

3.  Quay Athena Matte Sunglasses | here

If God were both real and a style of sunglasses, S/He would be tortoiseshell. :)