Review: Oosh, Hello Operator

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Fucking hell, Hello Operator are at it again.

Great big, sodden licks, rumbling, subterranean riffs and frontman Max’s signature throaty yowl all drag you into the maw of this single. Backwards. By the hair.

Just in time for Halloween, Oosh has quite the back story. Pausing in the fog so as not to meet a grisly end on the back roads of Oswick, the band were visited by the local ghost, who howled unforgivingly under the wheels of their tour van.

The haunting shriek would later be manipulated to form the gravelly slink and scramble of Oosh. Finished with the catchiest damn chorus Hello Operator have come up with to date (a mean feat: have you heard Stephanie?), it’s one to stomp down the street to, leather collar popped.

For my part, I’ve been waiting for this single to drop since I heard it almost twelve months ago in their sweaty Sebright Arms set. Since then, I haven’t been able to get the claws out.

A fan favourite for its massive chorus, Oosh is another offering of Hello Operator that could fill a cavernous, cobwebbed castle just as well as a pub in East London.

Listen here.

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