Our Girl: Agnostic Purple Sweet Lovers with a Knack for Songwriting

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Euphoric, ethereal and pulsating, the sound of Our Girl oscillates through Stoke Newington’s Waiting Room like the boom and beck of a guiltless explosion. Washing over the crowd comes Soph Nathan’s raw purr and irresistible tempo-tastic riffs with the ebb and flow of Josh Tyler (bass) and Lauren Wilson’s (drums) rhythm section.

It’s evident even in the soundcheck that Our Girl are onto something special, and it’s intriguing as well as impressive to hear each member play and sing their part in isolation. Blended, the trio are a force to be reckoned with.

So enamoured are we with these soaring studies on personal relationships that, in a first for us at Flying Vinyl, we’re putting out not two, but three of their seductive tunes on one transparent orange-cast miniature EP.

“A sound that will fill you up from the inside like a tonic.”

Being Around, No Big Deal and new Ty Segall cover Hot Fuzz (a treat that the trio recorded for us) will be landing on your doormats this week, and we can’t wait for you to drop the needle on a sound that will fill you up from the inside like a tonic.

The unity of these musicians is palpable on stage, and off it, too, Soph, Josh and Lauren are a veritable gang.

For one, they’re all Hufflepuffs, though acceptance ranges from reluctant (Josh – “people say that I’m a Hufflepuff”) to proud (Soph – “I’m a total Hufflepuff!”)

To Lauren, being a member of the yellow-hued Hogwarts house means that “we’re nice and we like animals.”

True, when a pug/chihuahua cross comes into the Three Crowns, everyone’s ears prick up, and nice is, if I’m honest, a total understatement.

But what else make Our Girl tick? Our chat is extensive and far-reaching, so there’s plenty to report.

For one thing, all three of them favour the purple Skittle (“the citrus ones are shit”). For another, Soph recently felt grossed out by a fried chicken meal that was, she argues, “too chicken-y.”

From the low brow to the lofty, I can also tell you that not one of the trio are religious (what with the transcendence of that music, I had to ask.)

“The power is with us.”

“I feel spiritual but I don’t believe in God” says Lauren. Instead, she believes “in people and the connections between people…the power is with us.”

This energy of relationships is a gossamer thread, glistening at the heart of Our Girl’s tunes. It continues in brand new, addictively melodic Ty Segall cover Sad Fuzz, which Soph “couldn’t get out of [her] head for weeks.”

What with its rise and fall reminiscent of water, it’s an inspired choice for a first cover; an ideal companion to their similarly liquid original tunes.

Not for no reason does the Normally EP feature friend Mina submerged in the bath, or the video for No Big Deal see Soph, Lauren and Josh floating, thrashing and tumbling in an outdoor swimming pool in North London.

Water seems the ideal phenomenon to parallel these tunes, both Lauren and Soph coming to the idea of “having a view of the sky through water” independently of one another. And, as Josh insists: “swimming in clothes is very freeing.”

So there we have it: a trio of agnostic purple sweet-loving water babies with a knack for songwriting. Race you to the turntable.

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